What We Do

Hoban and Sons brings charm and eccentricity to your event bar, in the form of our marvellous converted ambulance, Agatha.
We not only look gorgeous, but serve a delicious hand-picked range of drinks to help your event go swimmingly, and will plan your drinks menu with you, to make sure that your guests are getting just what they like. We know how important the look, feel and vibe of your event is to you, and Agatha can be dressed up or down to suit your style. Our staff are not only devilishly good looking, but pull a pretty good pint with a winning smile too. We know that you want to have a good time, so let us help you do just that.

How it works

There are three main ways to run the bar…

1. Cash Bar. As simple as it comes. We rock up and your guests pay for their own drinks

2. Pre-paid Bar. You pre pay a figure of your choice to put behind the bar. When this limit has been reached, then your guests pay for their own drinks. You can use a token system if you want to make sure that everyone gets the same number of drinks.

3. Free Bar. For the generous amongst you. Your guests drink for free, and we keep a running bill for you to pay at the end of the night (a larger deposit required for this folks, dependant on the number of guests)

To secure your booking, you will need to pay a deposit of £200, and we will have  pre-arranged minimum spend at the bar.

Please click here to fill in our booking form.

All bills need to be settled up on the night!

Terms & Conditions.